Tutorial: Adjust the rise in a pants pattern

When you wear a pair of pants, the waistband hits you at the same point all the way around.  But, if you lay a pair of pants out with the crotch seams aligned, you’ll see that most pants come up higher in the back than in the front.  (The higher back creates more space for your rear end.) 

If you make a pair of pants with the same amount of rise (length from the crotch to the waist) in the front and the back, you’ll either end up with a droopy pouch on the front or a back that dips down too low.  If the pattern you’re using has the same rise in the front and the back, you can easily adjust it to give the back a higher rise.  Kymy from Everything Your Mama Made & More shows how to do it.  Go to her tutorial.

[photo from Everything Your Mama Made & More]

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