Tutorial: Alter a darted bodice to create an armscye princess seam

Sunni from A Fashionable Stitch shows how to alter a darted bodice pattern into one with an armscye princess seam.  A princess seam is actually very similar to a pair of darts, but it provides smoother contours.  It’s also faster and easier to sew than a pair of darts, since it’s just one continuous seam.  Get the tutorial to see how it’s done.

[photo from A Fashionable Stitch]


  1. mercy says

    Am a free hand tailor I don’t create pattern to sew I work directly on fabrics how do I maNipuLate darts create princess seams bustier jackets at times my results afer sewing flattens people bust.Do I need to leaRn pattern making before I can sew lovely clothes.expecting your reply tans

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