Tutorial: DIY pattern weights

Last year my sister hipped me to the wonder of pattern weights. Instead of pinning, pinning, pinning when cutting out a pattern, slap down some pattern weights and get cutting.  Not only is it MUCH faster, but I’ve found that I get a more accurate cut.  (Pins tend to create slight buckles in the fabric.) 

Pattern weights tend to be expensive at the fabric store, but it turns out that you can make your own.  Five Green Acres has a how-to on their blogGo to the tutorial for making pattern weights.

[photo from Five Green Acres blog]

[via Whip Up]



  1. Linda says

    When I was a little/young girl, my mother used butter knives to weigh down the pattern. I grew up doing it also, because my mom did, and I thought everyone did it this way! I made all of my clothes, and my kids clothes this way. I was at Joann’s once, waiting in line behind a young lady who was buying a bunch of the expensive weights. I told her my knife story, and she put down the weights and went to a thrift store to buy some knives……lol. I never had a problem using them with plain old scissors. The little weight pouches are much cuter, though!!



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