Tutorial: Make a nursing cover for discrete breastfeeding

Head over to our sister site CraftBits for a tutorial showing how to make a breastfeeding/nursing cover.  A fabric cover like this allows a new mother to breastfeed her baby while still maintaining her modesty.  Make it from a breathable cotton for baby’s comfort, and choose a pretty print that mama will enjoy wearing.  Go to the tutorial.

[photo from CraftBits]

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  1. Mina says

    the nursing cover sewing patern did really work for me… It was fantastic… so cheap… so convenient and easy to do.. just half an hour for me…..
    Thanks a lot…. you are so helpfullllll

  2. Alison says

    How long would this be? Am I right in thinking 21inches when complete? Only im very tall so would probably prefer to use the whole yard, also how far across would this measure as I’m dyslexic and find it much easier to copy things out into my own words and pattern so the measurement would really help me with this, many thanks!!!!

    • says

      If you need it longer, you’re right to use a full yard of fabric. I don’t know the exact finished dimensions, but if you start with a 44″ wide piece of fabric and then cut off 6″ and hem it, I’d say you’d have roughly 36″ wide when you’re done. Don’t quote me on that, though! –Anne

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