Video tutorial: Foldover elastic

I’m a little nervous posting this.  It’s my very-first-ever-video-tutorial-grand-debut.  But it’s about foldover elastic and you guys know how much I love me some foldover!  I use it in my Peek-A-Boo Shoulder shirts, in my Slouchy Shirts, on dresses for the little girl, and on panties for myself.

Before you watch the video, I have two corrections to make.  First, when I say that the foldover is available in a hundred colors – that’s just me being hyperbolic.  Foldover is available in tons of colors, though I don’t know of a store that literally carries 100 of them. 

Second, and this is actually really important, when I talk about stretching the elastic while you sew what I mean is that you should tug slightly on the elastic but not the knit.  If you tug on the knit, you most certainly will create an awful, buckled mess.  But tugging ever so slightly on just the elastic will help keep the knit from going all wavy.

So…  corrections noted, watch the video and see how easy it is to use foldover elastic to finish the edges of knit fabrics.  My apologies in advance for the fuzziness.  Gotta find a better solution than the little girl’s video camera on a tripod!

(Still having a hard time embedding the video.  Click the image above to see it on YouTube.]


  1. says

    Awesome video tutorial. In my area there is a LFS that does carry about half of a hundred colors of FOE. They also carry lots and lots of different colors of that luxurious lingerie material, too. I have steered away from this type of elastic, but now I know they’ll be seeing me this weekend. Thanks!


  2. susan says

    WOW! Love the vid/tute, blurry was sooo minimal,thank you! &since the whole maternal side of the family has a Southun’ accent, I loved that too! :) Thanx!

  3. Marilyn says

    I am getting back to sewing after several years. I hadn’t heard of foldover elastic. This is a fantastic idea, and I appreciate the video on how to use it. Thank you.


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