Recycled Clothing – Books

There are a whole slew of books available now on how to transform your wardrobe using the clothing you already own. But, how to discern the good from the ones that aren’t that good? Here are a few of my favorite books that are packed with ideas on how to Recycle Clothing.

Kathleen Maggio’s Altered Clothing: Hip Fixes and Transformations with a Needle and Thread (Domestic Arts for Crafty Girls) is a fun book full of ideas to get your imagination going. I adore what she comes up with transforming shoes and has a cute men’s shirt to feminine top project.

My friend Shannon Okey created Alternation that has some great, stylish ideas to transform your wardrobe. And it is photographed beautifully as illustrated in the above picture.

Generation T by Megan Nicolay is a fun, easy to understand book chock full of great things to do with tee shirts.

Happy Recycling!

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